Today the tragic time-travel romance Once Again aired it’s last two episodes on Viki and GagaOOLala – and they were, as expected, heartbreaking. 

Jae Woo and Ji Hoo were a tragic pair from the beginning. With the former saving Jae Woo’s life from a kidnapper when he was ten. Ji Hoo was killed in the process and for the last fifteen years Jae Woo has blamed himself for the murder. 

His love for his protector (and his guilt over his murder) was so strong that, as a twenty-five-year-old man, he was able to cross time in an attempt to save him.  

However, despite Jae Woo’s best efforts, Ji Hoo still decides to sacrifice himself. The reason being? In another fifteen years Jae Woo, will come back into Ji Hoo’s life. The two would spend three beautiful weeks together. For Ji Hoo, it is enough for him to make sure that Jae Woo survives. 

It’s a beautiful story. Heartbreaking yes, but beautiful. The series does hint at it, albeit quickly, but, basically, time is a loop and there is a multiverse of Jae Woos going back to spend time with Ji Hoos. So though the couple only gets to spend three weeks together, they get to spend three weeks together for eternity.  

I loved it.