Well, Today is the day! The album is finally out! While I won’t get mine for a few more days, I was able to hear enough of the tracks to offer a brief song by song. This is not my final review, but it will be some information on the basic twelve tracks for the album.

01. ブラザービート (Brother Beat – unit song)

In my opinion, this was a perfect song to open the album. It’s catchy, it’s trendy, and above all else, it’s just a lot of fun! Since the singles original release date earlier this year, I’ve had it in constant rotation, it’s just one of those feel-good songs that lift your spirits. 

02. JUICY (Miyadate Ryota)

While ブラザービート has a very 60s summer vibe, JUICY is an absolute disco-day dream! Another catchy tune, literally begs you to get up and dance. It’s incredibly theatrical, which I very much believe Miyadate is. 

03. Tic Tac Toe (Raul)

There’s something incredibly sexy about this song. I make no apologies for the fact that when the guys shout “Aaahhhhhoooooooo!” It makes me think of something primal and sensual. Out of all the songs, I think this is the one I am most looking forward to seeing them perform live. 

04. Toxic Girl (Abe Ryohei)

This song was the most surprising for me. I don’t know what I imagined Abe’s personal taste in music to be, but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised, and I really really like it! 

05. Midnight Trendy (Iwamoto Hikaru)

This song has “anime theme song” dripping off of every note. It’s very much a “Get in the car. Don’t ask where – we’re just going to drive,” kind of song – and, to be honest – wherever Iwamoto is headed I am 100% along for the ride. 

06. Secret Touch (Unit Song)

The song that introduced me to Snow Man will always have a special place in my heart, and much like with ブラザービート, I am excited that I get to see this  music video in full 1080 HD glory.

07. Brand New Smile (Unit Song)

This song is pure pop sugar! It’s so much fun! It’s very happy and sweet, a lot of fun. 

08. BOOM BOOM LIGHT (Mukai Koji)

This is one of those songs you play when you’re getting ready for a night out with your besties. High energy, it’s very dance-driven and a lot of fun.

09. Kitta Kittenai (Sakuma Daisuke)

This song s my favorite on the album. Hands down! It’s just so damn fun! I love how silly and catchy it is. In my initial review of the video, I mentioned how much I personally believe it represents Sakuma’s

personality. I stand by that statement. 

10. Movin’ Up (Fukazawa Tatsuya) 

Fukazawa is that guy who on the surface appears super-sweet and innocent, but the minute he takes off his shirt your heart skips a beat and your mouth falls open because he went from cute to drop-dead sexy in about .05 seconds. This is exactly the type of song I could see playing in a high-stakes fight or action scene of a major film. 

11. This is LOVE (Watanabe Shota)

Another sugar pop bop, Wantanabe chose a song that feels very much like it could be played at the end of a film or anime. It’s got that happy-ending vibe, so naturally, it’s another one I am going to be listening to a lot

12. With Me and You (Meguro Ren)

Like Sakuma’s Kitta Kittenai, I honestly believe that this song is exactly how I imagine Meguro to be as a person. Soft, sweet, and romantic.

As I mentioned this is not really a review as much as a “Hey, here’s some information about the songs included on all 3 versions of the albums. A more detailed review is coming.

Stay tuned…