When it comes to marketing, Johnny & Associates understand their idols – and what’s more, they understand their fans. They know what type of merchandise they’re actually looking for. 

The current fad: Acrylic stands or akusuta. 

These 4.5” tall resin figures feature idols in different poses and outfits, some include stands that interlock like puzzle pieces to form a larger display which makes them coveted collectibles fans have come to adore. To celebrate this adoration, and the fact that the company is always asked for more, over this past weekend Johnnys held its first-ever Acrylic Stand Festival. 

Featuring 97 exclusive figures from debuted groups like Snow Man, Hey! Say! JUMP, Naniwa Danshi, SixTones, and many others – there was something for everyone!

An online exclusive event, fans were able to order figures of their favorite idols for a limited time, with a limit of two (per figure) per customer. Though there were some technical difficulties, the Acrylic Stand Festival was a success with most of the figures selling out by weekend’s end.

Naniwa Danshi Acrylic Festival Exclusive Stands

If you’re a fan of akusuta, and where unable to purchase items from the festival, or are interested in purchasing figures of any of the Jr group idols (only debuted groups were featured in the festival) I personally recommend doing so through Neokyo.com – the only partner officially sanctioned by Jonny & Associates. I started using them myself for some Travis Japan merchandise and found the entire process incredibly easy.