Since its announcement at GMMTV’s Borderless event I’m December fans have been eagerly awaiting GMMTV’s next supernatural BL Be My Favorite.

What excited fans most about this series were the facts that one: it marks the long-awaited return of Krist Perawat to the BL genre and two: it was to be the first starring role for GMMTV’s beloved funny (and one of my personal favorites) Mike Chinnarat.

Krist has said multiple times he will not act in a BL unless his partner is someone he knows and trusts explicitly. Since Singto left the company late last year, Mike seemed the obvious choice since the two have been real-life best friends since they were in college.

However, all of that changed today when GMMTV announced that Mike would no longer be a part of the project.

Instead, Mike’s role will be taken over by Gawin Caskey (Fluke).

Personally, I am torn. I am sad to see Mike go, I think he deserves his own series. He’s such a great actor and has been a part of the second (or side) couple in several major series, but I am also a HUGE fan of Gawin.

Gawin, like Mike, has played the second lead in series like Dark Blue Kiss, Enchanté, and Not Me – and I am so glad he’s getting the chance to spread his wings into a starring role. You can see GMMTV’s official statement in Thai and English below.

I am eager to see how this series progresses.

Stay tuned!