Sk8 the Infinity is one of those anime that kind of took me by surprise.  First, it’s got a great soundtrack that sets the tone for something truly incredible. With deep and interesting characters that are woven together in a genre-crossing storyline, it sucks you right at the get go  and before you know it, you’ve binge-watched all 12 episodes and are left watching more. 

Luckily, it was recently announced through the series official twitter that not only is a season two on the way, but also an original video animation (OVA). 

The first season of Sk8 the Infinity followed Reki, a high school sophomore, and skater, who is addicted to a very secret and dangerous downhill skateboarding race called the “S” curve.  that takes place in an abandoned mine. 

Reiki focused on the race

If the race wasn’t enough to get fans going, the beefs the racers have one another are just as treacherous.  

Reiki befriends Langa, a transfer student who has recently returned to Japan after living in Canada. 

Though he’s never even been on a skateboard, Langa finds himself fascinated by Reiki’s world and soon starts to compete. 

Reiki and Langa

Fast-paced and fascinating the series takes viewers on one hell of a ride as the relationship between Reiki and Langa, though not romantic, does appear to be blossoming in that direction. So, it will be interesting to see where their boards take them. 

Though details about when the second season and OVA will be released have yet to be revealed, it appears that it will be soon.  So….

Stay tuned.