Vice Versa is the first series since Jem and the Holograms that actually makes Saturday Mornings worth getting out of bed early for.  It’s fresh, it’s fun, and the chemistry between its main couple Jimmy Jitaraphol and Sea Tawinan is so hot I have to turn my AC on full blast to keep from melting. 

I mean, C’mon….

Jimmy and Sea

Today episode 6 was uploaded to the GMMTV official YouTube and was an emotional rollercoaster that, like most of my exes, has left my mouth open in disbelief and my cheeks stained with tears of unimaginable sadness. 

Seriously, this episode broke me. So, I decided that, like any good millennial, I must share my pain with you, my closest friends, The internet. 

WARNING! Spoilers ahead. 

Vice Versa is a drama from GMMTV based off the novel by JittiRain, the mastermind behind other hits for the Thai entertainment conglomerate 2gether and Fish Upon the Sky.

After he drowns in the sea, Talay (Tawinan) wakes up in the body of a young man named Tess (played by Ohm Pawat) and discovers that, in addition to being in a new body, he is also in a new universe. After meeting Phuwadol (Jeab Lalana) a female nurse, who was a male in the same universe Talay and Jupjaeng (Ae Maneerat) who run the Association of Thai Citizens from an Alternate World, he discovers that the only way to get back to his life is to find his portkey – a person who can help them return to where they came from once they have completed what they need to achieve.

Note: Phuwadol is GMMTV’s first FTM character.

Lalana and Maneerat

Puen (Jitaraphol) is a famous actor in the same universe as Talay, who finds himself in the body of Tun (Nanon Korapat). Though Puen doesn’t reveal his true name to Talay, love and friendship blossom between the two in this new universe… But, it’s not an easy road and both wonder what will happen when they return to their own bodies. 

In his universe Talay is a colorist, but here, Tess is the son of the owner of a film-company while Tun is a screen writer.  The two along with Tun’s friends Up (Neo Trai) and Aeo (Aou Thanaboon) form the production company Friend Credits and produce a film together.  The film flops and the group disbands. 

Tess (Sea) and Tun (Jimmy) relax in the tub

So that brings us to episode 6: Fire Yellow. 


The episode opens immediately after Tun asks Talay to move in with him. The next scene is a series of romantic moments between the two, but they’re all in Tun’s head.  Ultimately Talay rejects the offer fearing all they would do is fight.  So, Tun, leaves the city and moves back in with his parents. 

Talay and the rest of the ATCAW miss him and his charming smile – especially Jupjaeng. So, Talay goes to find him.  Then Up and Aoe show up and it appears that Friend Credits are getting back together. 

The couple and their friends

Tun and Talay also  film a video for Phuwadol and Jupjaeng to help new universe jumpers to adjust. Jupjaeng comments about how the two are becoming more and more like boyfriends, and at dinner after, it appears the couple might take the next step. 

But, Phuwadol calls. The unthinkable happens. 


Jupjaeng dies of a sudden heart-attack. It’s the telltale sign that the jumper, who is in her body in their universe has died.  

I would just like to take this moment to state publicly that I will be sending my therapy bill to GMMTV.  

I know Jupjaeng was not a major player in this series, but she was its comedic heart and someone I loved very much.  To my knowledge (and please  correct me if I am wrong) but she is the first character in a GMMTV BL to die (at least in the series I have seen). 

Seriously I am devastated.  But, back to the story. 

The incident does bring Tun and Talay closer and the two fall asleep holding one another. It gives me hope, but Still, I am heartbroken. 

RIP Jupjaeng.

I plan on doing weekly posts about this series so…. Stay tuned.