It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that Mondays suck. So, I have taken it upon myself,  gentle readers, to make your Mondays a bit more glorious by sharing with you some of the most handsome men from around the world. 

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you my inaugural #ManCrushMonday: Kaito Miyachika.

Chaka as featured in AnAn Magazine

Born 22 September 1997 in Tokyo, Miyachika, who goes by the nickname Chaka is an incredibly gifted entertainer and an undeniably beautiful man.

A natural-born dancer, Chaka joined Johnnys & Associates in 2010 and two years later was handpicked to be a part of the group Travis Japan.  

Chaka serves as both leader and center of the group who is currently in the states, learning English and making a name for themselves as semi-finalists on the hit NBC competition series America’s Got Talent. They also placed in the top ten and took home the coveted Ultimate Crowd Favorite prize at the World of Dance competition in Los Angeles in July.

In addition to his dance and vocal ability, Chaka is also an accomplished actor, having starred in the 2021 Elite-esque series RISKY. Chaka portrays Kouta Asai, one of the male leads in this romantic thriller that can currently be streamed on Viki.

Chaka as Kouta Asai in RISKY

So why make Chaka my inaugural Man Crush?  

Well, the answer is simple: He’s the total package. Those boy-next-door good looks, a smile that could melt even the most withered of cold dead hearts, and a kind and protective personality that’s guaranteed to make you swoon. Now, while I am sure you will also surely drowned in his deep bedroom-brown eyes, I cannot think of a better way to lose one’s own heart.

Chaka: The beautiful boy-next-door

So there you have it. I wish you joy. It is a great comfort to have (hopefully) made you smile and when you have nothing else to do, I hope you return to this blog because this is just the beginning…. 

Stay tuned.