I just finished episode four of this series, and it is (so far) everything I have been waiting for for a supernatural Thai BL in a long time. It’s simple, it’s sweet, and it is just absolutely adorable!

Saengtai (Title Tanatorn, Remember Me) never believed in destiny or such silly things things soulmates. Instead, he chose to believe in himself and his own ability to make the choices that were best for him.

However, with every rainfall, as the sound of the world around slips into silence, only the voice of his soulmate Phat (Pee Peerawich, Y Destiny) can be heard. The exact opposite of Saengtai, Phat has been waiting patiently to hear the voice of his soulmate, but for the first two years, Saengtai, standing in his own way, never responded. Their differences put them in a never-ending game of tug-of-war – played in the rain, with one end of the rope of fate being pulled by the stubborn Thai and the other by a man who just wants to win the heart of the person he already loves.

Ok, on the surface, yet, it’s a bit saccharine- and it is, but in the best way possible – and it’s got a great supporting cast, including Suar Kritsanaphong (You’re my Sky) as Saengthian, Thai’s cynical older brother who is developing unwanted feelings for the studious Lomfon (Copter Nuntapong) and is absolutely hysterical in the role.

The Theme song หลับไม่ไหว (Is this the real love?) is, in typical Boy Sompob fashion, catchy and cute, and (happily) upbeat with a cool disco beat.

More La Pluie soon so…

Stay Tuned!