This GMMTV office comedy started hot – a worthy piece for lead couple Force Jiratchapong and Book Kasidet, proving once and for all that the lackluster Enchanté had nothing to with the acting and everything to do with everything else. It wasn’t a bad series, it just wasn’t good either, but A Boss and a Babe was, in short, perfect – at least for what it was.

Kasidet stars as Cher, a gamer who wants to make a name for himself in the world of e-sports. During his senior year of university, he gets an internship with a crumbling gaming company thanks to his friend Jack (Mike Chinnarat). There, he attracts the intention of his boss, Gun (Force Jiratchapong); as fate continues to throw the two together, a genuine relationship begins to bloom. While Gun is more willing to share their relationship openly, Cher has some reservations. He doesn’t believe that, as an intern, he is worthy of being loved by the boss. Gun, of course, doesn’t see an issue with the fact, as their feelings are more important to them than what Cher does for a living or how much money he’s worth. 

It’s not the most original story, in fact it’s one I’ve seen a million times before (just not set in the world of gaming), however, these two actors are just incredible. There is an innocence to Book. His eyes are so big and bright and beautiful. He just radiates happiness, and I love that. Force too. He’s one of those actors who is beautiful, but doesn’t really seem to know it – or at least, he doesn’t come off as cocky.

What I Loved

The OST: It’s catchy, fun, and reminiscent of (what few) video games I played as a child.
Mike Chinnarat: I am going, to be honest, I have not seen this man do anything I haven’t loved him in. He’s a brilliant actor.
The set: Gun’s apartment, specifically his bedroom (and most certainly his bed), is great. I love the view out his bedroom window.
The handling of workplace homophobia: Sadly, it’s still a thing, but this series does a great job of handling it.

What I Didn’t

Cher’s Self Loathing: I always hate when someone doesn’t feel worthy. I know it’s a real thing, it just makes me sad.

Was it the greatest series on the planet? No. Was it one I will buy if it gets a DVD release? Possibly (read: probably). Despite all of the controversies surrounding a lot of GMMTV actors, people have come out in droves to support Force and Book, talking about how they have been nothing but kind, wonderful, and inclusive human beings their entire lives – which makes me love them even more.

More GMMTV series soon so…

Stay Tuned!