My School President was among the cutest of the GMMTV series to air in 2022. The music, the acting, and the overt way it tackled homophobia it was just an all-around wonderful piece of television. It was also super AWESOME that I got to interview Gemini and Fourth. So, like with Vice Versa, the MSP episodes of Our Skyy 2 were a set I was very much looking forward to. 

Called The Multiverse of Cuteness, it’s a retelling of the series where Gun is the school President, and Tinn is the head of the struggling music club. But it’s not just a digest version of the series; there are enough differences to make it worth watching. First, this version of Tinn’s mom is less supportive of her son’s musical ambitions than Gun’s was in the original series. However, that being said, even as the principle – Gim is a beacon of acceptance and love – even when ensuring rules and regulations are implemented without fail. 

As a whole, it was a cute peek into an alternate universe. However, it’s the final music video the group did that made me smile. The MV for the new track “Multi-Love” put the boys of My School President into other BL series from GMMTV – staples like Bad Buddy and A Tale of Thousand Stars – both of which will include episodes within Our Skyy 2. They are two of my favorites, but it was when I saw Fourth and Gemini had taken on the roles of Med and Thun from He’s Coming to Me that I absolutely lost my mind. The roles, originally played by Singto and Ohm, were my very first BL drama, and as such, has a very special place in my heart. It’s an incredibly underrated series but one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, so I was so glad to see it getting some love from these current GMMTV Megastars. 

Next week Our Skyy will focus on the characters from the recently ended (as of today 19 May) A Boss and A Babe so…

Stay Tuned!