With their third album, i DO ME, JPOP idol group Snow Man takes us through the looking-glass into a symphonic wonderland filled with everything from emotional ballads to dance tracks you can feel pounding in your bones. 

The album opens with “あいことば” (“AIKOTOBA”). This sweet and sensitive track about the language of love 

Ready Go Round“- An upbeat and fun and upbeat cotton-candy type of pop song.

Super Deeper” –  a club anthem that absolutely SLAYS! I cannot WAIT to see the visuals for this song!

POWEEEEER” – one of the CM songs for Mintia, like “Super Deeper,” it’s one hell of a banger! 

slow…” This song may not be the one that gets you up on the floor, but it’s still going to make you sweat – if you don’t believe me, just check out the video. 

タペストリー” ( English: “Tapestry“) – An epic song for an epic film. This song is the theme to Meguro’s incredibly popular Fantasy/Drama “My Happy Marriage.”

Julietta” – turning up the pop with this song about a “Prima Donna”- It’s one of those typical fun Snow Man songs fans have grown to love.

オレンジkiss” (English: “Orange kiss“) – This confectionary pop ballad is the theme to Iwamoto’s 2022 romantic comedy “My Boyfriend in Orange – it’s also one of my favorite tracks of the group. 

クラクラ” (English: “Dizzy“) – Simply put, it’s a fun pop song with a good groove about that dizzy feeling when you’re falling in love – or anytime Meguro flashes that smile of his. 

8⽉の⻘” ( English” “August Blue“) – a pop rock sound with a fast-paced beat.

W” – There’s something incredibly sexy when a good guy tries on the bad boy look and takes a step to the dark side – even if it’s just for four minutes and twenty seconds. 

僕という名のドラマ” (“The Drama Called Me”) – A mid-tempo power-ballad – something else the group is known for.

Special Edition “A” also includes one of the group’s most popular “Cry out” – another song that allows the guys to add a little rock to their pop sound. It’s a great song that I’m glad fans are finally able to enjoy. 

The Regular / CD Only version of the album also includes FOUR unit songs. 

Vroom Vroom Vroom” – Iwamoto/Fukazawa/Miyadate – There’s something very 90s alterna-pop about this track. It’s fun, it’s funny, and it’s incredibly catchy!

Two” – Watanabe/Meguro – a sweet, romantic mid-tempo ballad that mixes Meguro’s smooth and sensual voice with the vocal powerhouse that is Shota Watanabe.

Bass Bon” – Raul/Sakuma – Sashay, you slay! These two are absolutely KILLING IT with this high-energy track that seems tailor made for the ballroom scene! Literally, fans all over the world are doing this dance, all over the world. It’s amazing! 

Gotcha!!” – Mukai/Abe – These two goofballs. I love them and this disco daydream / 80s-synth piece of musical bliss.

The Regular/CD Only version of the album also includes the bonus track: Nine Snow Flash

Musically, you can’t be bored with Snow Man. while the group stays (mostly) true to their signature pop sound, it’s fun to see them playing a bit with their personalities. It’s a fun adventure, one worth going on – multiple times.

You can get your copy of i DO ME here.