So today, I received my Cutie Pie The Series Cutie Box set “A” from the WONDERFUL eThai CD, and as cute as it is…. There were some problems.

As with the previous set, this review will only be for my personal set. I cannot speak for all sets and if the issues will be the same for everyone.

First, the good. The acrylic keychains are so cute! The phonebook and all the extra cards that came with it are beautiful – and it does come with a CD soundtrack.

Second, the not-so-good.

Cutie Box “A,” like Cutie Box “B,” is HUGE. I mean, it’s a large set, which is lovely, though some of the images are very pixelated.

  • The DVDs came to be incredibly scratched so I am not able to play in any DVD player, however, I was able to view enough of the episodes on my computer, to know that subtitles are included.
  • While the episodes do not have the “Next Break” bumpers, they are not uncut, the “NC scenes are not included in the episodes themselves but rather as special features on disc 5.
  • An AR card, that includes interviews, was not included in either set.

With as long as the production delays took and as expensive as the sets are (both Cutie Box “A” and “B” total about $ 255 USD), these kinds of issues are rather disheartening. I know that Mandee / DoMunDi TV is working to rectify the problems, but as a US-based customer without access to Line, I am unable to reach out to them directly, and I am more than a little disappointed.

However, I am grateful that Wiwat from Thai CD has been willing to assist and act as a proxy.

I will include more information once received, so…

Stay Tuned!