The GMMTV office romantic comedy is the series ForceBook deserves and the one that should’ve introduced them in the beginning.

Funny, sweet, and endearing, it was the perfect project to take the place (and time slot) of the mega-hit My School President

Cher (Book Kasidet) is a gamer who wants to make it big in the e-sports industry. During his senior year of university, he gets an internship with a crumbling gaming company thanks to his friend Jack (Mike Chinnarat). There, he attracts the intention of his boss, Gun (Force Jiratchapong); as fate continues to throw the two together, a genuine relationship begins to bloom. While Gun is more willing to share their relationship openly, Cher has some reservations. Past baggage plagues his mind and weighs on his heart. Also, what will their friend and coworkers think?

A recent trip to the beach adds another level to Gun and Cher’s connection

One of the things I love about A Boss and a Babe is how realistic the story is. It’s not some rushed for BL story where the two are happy and in love by episode two – nor is it a drawn-out drama where two grown men act like giggly virgins every time the subject of sex and sensuality comes up. 

The storytelling is just right. 

While I love ForceBook, so much – Force is a living God, and Book has the biggest and most innocent eyes, it’s Mike who takes my heart in this series. Usually cast as GMMTV’s comedic relief, there are some real levels to Jack. Driven and hard-working, he’s very serious but also very caring – and he’s one of the few characters opening (and willingly) dealing with the fragility of mental health. Boys got layers, and this role undoubtedly proves he can handle being a series lead. 

Production-wise, the series is typical GMMTV – it’s fun and sweet, but I really wish they’d start putting away the body mics. The sound often keeps giving their otherwise incredibly well-done series a very amateur feel – not enough to really take away from the joy. It’s just slightly annoying. 

But otherwise, this series is top-notch and worth every minute. 

A Boss and a Babe streams Fridays on the official GMMTV YouTube Channel.