The Heavenly Idol, the supernatural romantic dramedy from South Korea’s TvN, was everything I never knew I needed. It was a loveable romp through the world of K-pop idols that involved some serious glamor, glitter, fashion, and fame! Plus, its lead Kim Min-kyu is one of the most adorable men on the planet.

It tells the story of Rembrary, a Pontifex from a parallel world filled with magic. He is brought to our world by The Evil One, switching places with Woo Yeon-woo, a spoiled and self-centered idol in the sinking group Wild Animal. Rembrary is forced to assume Woo Yeon-woo’s intense life, which he knows nothing about while trying to stop the evil one and staying true to his oath to his diety, Redrin.

But not everything is as it seems.

Go Bo-gyeol stars as Kim Dal, a fan of Woo Yeon-woo who becomes Wild Animal’s manager to help her bias when it appears his world is falling apart. Dragged into Rembrary’s magical problems, the two form an unlikely friendship that blossoms into an even more unlikely romance.

The cinematography is top-notch, and the writing, the acting, the directing, and even the special effects are perfect. My only problem with this series is that it ends in episode 12. I want more.

Added bonus, Choi Jae-hyun (Peach of Time) stars as Kasy, the lead vocalist for Wild Animal.