Well it’s happened. The end of the World with You has come to an end.

Over the last two weeks this series has given me some of my most favorite smiles, tears, and WTF moments of any BL drama I have ever seen. After dropping Meguru off at her family home, she gives Yuma the comfort in known that her sister had read every one of his letters and how much she adored him, and all of her fans. Though she tells him never to forget Madonna, Meguru also makes Yuma promise to reach out to her if, by some miracle, they survive.

In gratitude of returning her to them, Meguru’s parents give Ritsu and Matsumi their car so that they can get Yuma back to his family, which they do. Not wanting any ears, Yuma keeps the goodby short and sweet. He also makes the couple promise to reach out to him, if they survive. He enjoyed their adventure.

Back at Satsuma’s apartment, the couple prepare to meet their end, by falling back onto bed. Back in his favorite place (Matsumi), Ritsu confesses just how happy he truly is. He doesn’t want to die any more, but, he’s glad he’s with Matsumi. He also reveals that he was waiting at the library for Matsumi because he once said “If the world was going to end, he wanted to spend it reading. Happy and in love, he two cuddle up, fall asleep and wait for death.

There’s going to be debate on the end. It’s purposefully and ingeniously ambiguous, because it lets you, as the audience draw your own conclusion.


This series was absolutely brilliant. Everything about it was top-notch. Japan has really uped their BL drama game and I am here for it. I absolutely loved this series and unless something absolutely stellar takes its place, Sundays are going to be much less exciting for the foreseeable future.

While there will not be any more posts about The End of the World with You (until I do a review of the boxset) there will be more dramas soon so…

Stay Tuned!