Damn. This series. This series is so weirdly wonderful and just keeps getting better and better and better.

This episode opened with Masumi and Yuma stumbling upon Ritsu and Meguru discussing the death of his older sister, Madoka, Yuma’s bias (favorite idol). They overhear her reveal that Ritsu was the last person she had called before committing suicide, and if he’d answered, maybe she’d still be alive. The revelation sends Yuma storming off in anger. Masumi rushes to comfort him, but the teenager lashes out, and Masumi stumbles back, falling down a cliff.

Instantly regretful of his actions, Yuma screams out in fear, causing Ritsu and Meguru to rush to their aid. Though Ritsu is able to find a crutch and some medicine, the incident has delayed their plans so he can heal. He forgives Ritsu, and the two actually share a tender kiss. However, Masumi asks Ritsu to come clean with Meguru. He deserves to know what happened to his sister.

Ritsu confessing to Masumi how sorry he is for everything

Ritsu reveals that the two of them became friends while starring in a series together. He did, in fact, make a pass at her, but she turned him down. She was already in a relationship with a woman, so the pair settled on being friends instead. However, the day she died, he missed her calls because he was having sex with a random woman he met at the bar. By the time he realized what was happening, it was too late.

She was gone.

The story angers Yuma, not at Ritsu but at the events that are about to end everything. Meguru deserves to mourn her sister. Standing up, he tries to muster all his strength to force the meteor away, to have it explode in space. While Ritsu thinks he’s crazy, Masumi and Meguru join him.

Willing the Meteor away.

The only thing that bothers me about this series is that there are only two episodes left. It’s such an interesting and original story that is so beautifully executed. It’s a gem.

More The End of the World with You soon so…

Stay Tuned!