Pond Naravit and Phuwin Tangsakyue are the GMMTV power ship that took the world by storm in the 2021 meta-dramedy Fish Upon The Sky. Pond is stoic and statuesque, while Phuwin is innocently beautiful. So, naturally, when their follow-up series was announced, everyone was excited.

A mafia drama, Never Let Me Go was a much darker story than Fish Upon the Sky. Phuwin stars as Nuengdiao, the only son and heir to a powerful family who was raised in such a way as to trust no one outside the family. Enter Pond’s character Palm, the son of Nuengdiao’s family driver. Brought into the fold to be Nuengdiao’s friend and bodyguard, it was love at first sight.

Phuwin and Pond

While I initially enjoyed Never Let Me Go, I got bored toward the end. To be fair, this wasn’t the series’ fault, but rather the fact that I’ve had so many series to watch. If I wasn’t hooked, I could just move to something else. I found myself doing other things while the series was going on, which is a sign that I’m not into it.

So, instead of taking a queue from the series title, I pulled an Elsa and let it go. I did finally go back to finish it and while it’s still not my cup of bubble tea, it is good and the chemistry between the stars is phenomenal.

Also, Nat Sakdatorn is DILFally delicious as a villain.

Bad Daddy, Sexy Daddy

The characters will return in Our Skyy 2 later this year. More from Never Let Me Go at some point so…

Stay Tuned.