When Mandee announced Bed Friend, I expected a series heavy on sex but low on story. Not in a bad way; I assumed, from the title alone, it wouldn’t be a series that would draw from some deep seeded emotional trauma I have tried most of my life to suppress. 

I was wrong. 

Abused and molested as a child, Uea (James Supamongkon) is incredibly private, especially at work. His personal life is private and not something he wants anyone to know about, especially the office Cassanova, King (Net Siraphop). But there’s more to King than meets the eye. Yes, he’s a playboy, but he’s a playboy who cares deeply for Uea. Very deeply. 

You learn a lot about the characters in the series’ first three episodes. The first of which is that Uea has had a terrible upbringing. The abuse he faced as a child from his homophobic mother (Tom Ratchaneekorn) has continued into his adult life where the letch of a woman no depends on him to give her a part of his salary. He was also molested. 

Currently, King is just eye candy. It’s clear there’s something more profound, but right now, he brings the sweat – and I won’t complain about it. 

Set in the same world as 2022 hit 2022 rom-com Cutie Pie, the series will spin off into Middle Man’s Love later this year. You can stream Bed Friend on iQiYi and GagaOOLaLa

More Bed Friend soon, so… 

Stay Tuned.