This series is so wonderfully written. Kiyoi is madly in love with Hira, and while Hira also loves Kiyoi, he doesn’t think he’s worthy. He sees Kiyoi as the stars and himself as a lowly earthworm, even though Kiyoi sees Hira as his entire world.

Hira, in the innocence of his autism spectrum disorder, says this to Kiyoi about how they are friends and how he never has to worry about meeting his parents or family. I think he is keeping Kiyoi separate so that no one finds out they’re a couple, which (he probably believes) could hurt his career. He’s doing it out of love. But Kiyoi takes it as Hira only seeing him as an idol, not a lover.

The whole mess is due to the fact that both of them need to learn how to communicate clearly with one another. The break down in their relationship is realistic and all too relatable.

It’s such a beautiful series.

More Beautiful Man soon so…

Stay Tuned!