If you’ve been following my blog at all, you know how much I love My School President. The high school musical Boys Love romance from GMMTV is funny and funny and from the very first episode, has really been something extraordinary. 

But last night, the dreaded eleventh episode aired. For anyone familiar with BL dramas, this episode is always cursed. Either something tragic happens, or you’re left believing that the main couple will never find true happiness with one another and everything leading up to this point was pointless. Or, though rarely, it’s just kind of a forgettable episode that really doesn’t do much to drive the plot or characters in any particular direction.

Episode eleven of My School President was the latter. It just sort of happened.

The episode opened with ChinZilla winning the Hot Wave music competition, which was great because it’s their story and the one thing the group has been working towards since the series started. However, it was later revealed that the win was Gun’s dream, and they actually lost the competition. For the most part, the rest of the series focused on the group being precisely what they were – which is moody little teenagers. To say they were all annoying would be an understatement. Except for the cuteness of the romance blossoming between Thiu and Prom, I wanted to sit all of them down and say, “You lost. Get over it! In the game of music, there are WAY MORE defeats than wins – so use this as an opportunity to learn, grow, and come back stronger.” 

Also, we are eleven episodes in, and Tinn and Gun have still yet to kiss. If this were the real world, the pair would’ve rounded home base on their first date and would now be focused on which bedsheets they want on the beds they’re going to push together in the dorm room. 

But this isn’t the real world. This is Boy’s Love world – and GMMTV’s BL world at that. So, not only is everyone under the age of 25 a virgin, but also, 9 out of every ten boys are GAY! So, it’s confusing for me when Tinn’s mother laments to his father that she is worried someone will not accept their son. As far as we’ve seen, he has exactly ONE heterosexual friend. Yo (Captain Passatorn). Seriously, out of their main friend group, he has been the only one who is straight (Prom Theepakon’s Phat has yet to be coupled – so right now, he’s just the odd man out). So, needless to say, Principal Photjanee, Tinn will be just fine. There’s no need to worry. Get a grip.

Again, the cursed eleventh episode is usually the most despised of any series, and despite everything you’ve just read, I didn’t hate this episode. The music was cute – I love the music box (that will almost surely be something available to purchase), and it’s still one of my absolute most favorite series of all time. I also understand that this was an episode that had to happen. Also, GMMTV has yet to ever fully disappoint me and recently they’ve pulled these bait and switch stories that, once revealed, ties everything together in a perfect pretty bow that makes you upset at yourself for ever doubting them.

Here’s hoping!

More My School President soon so…

Stay Tuned.