This episode proved that just because the photos returned to normal doesn’t mean everything is all rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers for those within them. At least, not in this present timeline. 

Joe and Army: The teacher who recorded the two released it, upsetting parents enough that some pulled their sons from the football team because they didn’t want Joe coaching them. He’s furious with Army, who in turn says things he regrets. They two break up.

Nim and Mollie: Though Nim has feelings for Mollie, she’s still not entirely sure what she wants. 

Jean and Tony: After filming, Tony confesses his feelings for Jean. She is flattered but doesn’t know how to take it, so she doesn’t give him an answer. Not right away, anyway. However, after some consideration, she does invite Tony back to her apartment. She wants to be with him and tries, but the trauma of what Alex did to her still haunts her. Disappointed, Tony respects her decision – because he’s a green-flag sort of guy and allows her time to be alone with her thoughts. 

Liu and Ew: Stepping up, Ew, with Alex’s help, stood up to Liu’s pervert boss and got her out of what could become a dangerous situation. He promises to look after her from now on, he’ll be taking care of her, she won’t have to look after him. But it’s not easy for Ew to give up everything he is, which Liu is willing to accept. She also discovers a new source of pleasure from EW, which allows the two to find new ways to enjoy their time together. Ew’s photo returns to normal

Kat: Jean tells Kat about Tony confessing. Seeing an opportunity, Kat informs her of her feelings for Alex. 

Ice and Kim: Choosing to go through with her abortion, the two take a tender moment to discuss their future and their choices. He even writes her a song. (Note: I love Phuwin’s voice; it’s so soft and filled with emotion. He’s an incredibly talented young man. Also, I love this couple. They may not be as prominent as the others, but their arc is so damn good). 

Jedi and Rose: Jedi proposes in front of their friends and an entire bar filled with strangers. But not everyone is filled with joy for the couple, and a couple of transphobic drunks try to start trouble. Luckily Alex and Jean come to their friends’ rescue, and the night returns to a celebration of love. 

This series does an excellent job of showing the duality of Alex’s character. While he’s running around trying to save everyone, looking like he’s once again the hero, BAM! The writers remind you that he did something unforgivable to Jean. This version of Alex is trash. Absolute trash. No matter what he does right now, he raped Jean.

I’ve said it before, and I am sure I will repeat it, but this is one of the BEST series I have seen out of GMMTV, ever. The inclusion, the complexity, and the unapologetic take it has on sex, sexuality, and a plethora of hot-topic issues the entire world is still (unbelievably) fighting. It’s fantastic. 

More The Warp Effect soon so… 

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