At the end of the last episode, Ritsu confessed to Masumi that he needed his help disposing of a corpse. In return, Ritsu would give him a drug to help him die without pain just before the meteor hits earth and blows the planet to smithereens, wiping us out like it did the dinosaurs several million years ago. Reluctantly Masumi agrees.

Then things get weird. Really weird.

When the two men arrive back at Ritsu’s condo, Masumi discovers that the corpse belongs to a boy still in high school. That’s right, Ritsu assisted in the suicide of a teenager. Masumi is understandably disgusted, but Ritsu, claiming ignorance, says he didn’t expect someone so young to make such a good case for wanting to die, but there was only one problem…

Hirose Yuma (Tomimoto Sousyo) wasn’t dead and woke up SUPER PISSED about it. He accused Ritsu of not only being a con man but also a grade-A asshole because he didn’t take the pill.

Yuma (Tomimoto Sousyo) is upset with Ritsu that he’s still alive, Masumi tries to calm him

Masumi, of course, sides with Yuma and then sits down to talk to the child about why he wanted to commit suicide in the first place. After hearing the child out, Masumi offers him some sage advice about how life gets better and how he should continue to live.

Once Yuma sees the light, Ritsu reminds them that the world is ending, something Yuma had no idea about, which begs the question, what exactly was Ritsu thinking doing helping a teenage boy commit suicide – before anyone knew the world was going to end?

After getting over the shock of knowing that not only is he going to die, but he’s going to die with strangers, because there’s no way he can get back to his family who lives in the country, three hours from Tokyo with all trains and roads leading there closed. So, it looks like Masumi will not only spend the end of the world with the man who broke his heart, but they are also responsible for the well-being of a teenage boy – a picture-perfect family if one was in hell.

Of course, Ritsu has sex on his mind and promises to only sleep with Masumi for the rest of their lives. Masumi brilliantly responds by calling him a basic F*ck boy and makes sure he knows that he’s not allowed to touch him.

Ever. Of course, he does it anyway.

Ritsu holding Masumi at night during the end of the world

This is an interesting series. I’ve heard the manga gets super weird, and since this series isn’t showing away from showing genuine passion – and sex, I am excited to see where it goes.

The End of The World With You streams Sundays on GagaOOLala and Viki. It is rated NC-17 so, viewer discretion is advised.

More The End of The World With You soon so…

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