Every week I fall more and more in love with this series. It’s just so incredibly well done. Tinn and Gun are the most wholesome couple in the genre, and the chemistry by their real-life counterparts, Gemini and Fourth, is truly outrageous! Plus, of course, the music in this series is second to none.

This week’s episode revealed what is going on with Gun’s mother, Gim (Lookwa Pijika). There’s a tumor in her brain causing her migraines. Tinn is with her when she finds out, and she makes him promise not to tell Gun that she doesn’t want him to worry until after the Hot Wave competition. Reluctantly, Tinn agrees. But, another incident sends Gim back into the emergency room, and Tinn confesses everything. Gun is mad for about three seconds until his mother reveals everything Tinn has done for him, and I do mean EVERYTHING – the fact that he’s liked him since grade 10, that he became school president to save the band, helped ChinZilla win the first festival, that he was Lion… everything. So, Gun rushes to him with open arms. Thiew helps the group get fans to the show, and everything looks like it will turn out well.

But, haha. This is a BL drama. Shit always got to find a way to hit the fan.

Enter Tinn’s mother, Photjanee (Tao Sarocha). Already suspicious of her son’s relationship with Gun finds an opportunity to go through her son’s cellphone. However, just before she takes a step she won’t be able to come back from she puts the phone down. But, just as she does, Gun calls. She knows.

The group performs Gun’s original song เพลง พูดได้ไหม (Let Me Tell You), the series’ third theme song, and it’s a bop!

The episode ends just before the winners of the competition are announced, so we’ll have to wait until next week to know what actually happened. However, if you watch the end credits, you’ll see. There’s also a new end theme.

I am so glad this series is getting so much love. It’s absolutely fantastic! My School President streams every Friday on the official GMMTV YouTube Chanel. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

More My School President soon so…

Stay Tuned!