The same day Paramount + released Teen Wolf: The Movie, the pilot for the spin-off series Wolf Pack also dropped.

Other than being created by Jeff Davis and being set in the same universe, there does not appear to be any ties to the original show or film, at least not yet. However, it does star Sarah Michelle Gellar, so I gave it a shot. 

I wasn’t riveted by it like I was with the original Teen Wolf, but it does have potential, and the young cast is impressive. 

Armani Jackson is Everett, a teenager with an anxiety disorder and really awful parents. Bella Shepard is Blake, who has a drunk for a father and a brother with Autism spectrum disorder. Chloe Rose Robertson is Luna, the (seemingly) picture-perfect princess, while Tyler Lawrence Gray plays her twin brother Harlan, the pretty and pretentious gay stereotype – who is clearly not as shallow as he looks. 

From Left Blake, Harlan, Everett, and Luna

Wolf Pack streams on Paramount+ with new episodes dropping every Thursday. There may be more Wolf Pack, so…

Stay Tuned!