There’s an edge to SixTONES.

On their third studio album 声 or Koe (Voice) the guys showcase their voices on a range of songs that prove they’re not just another cookie-cutter boy band. They’re something different. Something special. They’ve got that rock god je ne sais quoi that places them in a class of their own.

They’re the personification of the word idol.

Boom-Pow-Wow! sets the tone of the album. It’s cool, it’s catchy and one of those songs that deserve, no, it’s one of those songs demands to be played a full volume.

Good Luck is one of those happy place / peppy pop songs that just make you smile.

PARTY PEOPLE is a beach-party anthem that shows a playful side to the guys. It’s a lot of fun.

わたし (Me) is just beautiful.

My favorite song on the album, hands down, is Outrageous. Interesting and intense, and it’s just incredibly sexy. It’s a perfect song for getting hot and steamy to on these cold winter nights – or it’s the perfect fight-scene song (or both). While there’s yet to be an official) video release for the song, I can’t wait to see the guys perform this one live.

声 comes in three separate versions. Each version comes with the same 13 tracks.

1.Overture -VOICE-
3.Good Luck!
5.ふたり (Two)
6.共鳴 (Resonance)
7.人人人 (Everyone)
9.Chillin’ with you
12.わたし (Me)

Version A includes:

14. Need You

Boom-Pow-Wow! – Music Video
Boom-Pow-Wow! – Making of
Boom-Pow-Wow! – Solo versions-
PARTY PEOPLE – Music Video-
PARTY PEOPLE – Making of
PARTY PEOPLE – Music Video (Selfie version)

Version B

14. OPA! (Shintaro Morimoto & Juri Tanaka)
15. La La Love Story (Tiga Kyomoto & Yugo Kochi)
16. The Veil of Love (Jesse & Hokuto Matsumura)

OPA! Music Video
La La La Love Story Music Video
The Veil of Love Music Video

Version C (Regular/CD only)

14. Cat Call
15. オンガク (声verion)
16. Again

声 is one of those rare gems of an album you can let yourself get lost in. No matter what your mood SixTONES has got ya. Purchase any version of 声 where Japanese CDs are sold including Neokyo and CD Japan.

More SixTONES soon so…

Stay Tuned.