This week’s episode focused on the character of Yo (Captain Passatorn), an adorable puppy of a boy who’s fallen head over heels for a girl.

There’s only one problem; he’s used Tinn’s photographs for his Tinder profile.

Honestly, it was nice to see more from Captain. Yo is very charming, and I love that his friends all joined together to help him get the girl – not something you often see in the fabulous world of the BL Drama – usually…

Tinn’s flirt game is second to none, and he lays it on so thick that I was giggling with a mix of embarrassment and jealousy for the attention Gun was receiving.

As always, the music in this episode is nothing short of stellar. A new opening theme, a new ending theme, and a brand-new music video cover have me refreshing iTunes every hour to see if they are available to buy yet.

Seriously. CD Soundtrack. Please!

More My School President soon so….

Stay Tuned!