The Official trailer for Moonlight Chicken has been released and it looks dramatic, romantic, and hot as hell!

GMMTV staple (and total dreamboat)! Earth stars as Jim, a man who owns a Hainanese chicken rice restaurant and takes care of his nephew Li Ming, played by the adorably talented Fourth Nattawat. One night a mysterious man Wen, played by Earth’s favorite scene partner, the incredible Mix Sahaphap, comes in. The two get dirty. But a night of passion gives way to the sunrise, and in the light of the day, it’s revealed that Wen has a boyfriend, Alan, portrayed by the feisty and fire-hot First Kanaphan – who’s not exactly happy with the fact that Wen slept with someone so far beneath him.

A steamy (and sweaty) night for Jim (Earth) and Wen (Mix)

Gemini Norawit, who currently stars with Fourth in the hit GMMTV series My School President, co-stars as Heart, a young man who’s lost his hearing and is struggling with life. However, with a bit of work, he finds light and love with Li Ming.  

Li Ming (Fourth) comforts a broken Heart (Gemini).

Directed by Aof Noppharnach, the man behind some of GMMTV’s most successful BL Dramas including He’s Coming To Me, Dark Blue Kiss, and A Tale of Thousand Stars. I can guarantee this series will be fabulous – even before I see it. That’s how much faith I have in Aof and his ability to craft a story. Seriously, I have never seen a one project he’s led that has been anything less than fantastic and with a cast that also includes Khaotung Thanawat and Mark Pakin – there’s no way it can fail.

Moonlight Chicken will premiere on 8 February 2023 on Disney+ Hotstar and will run for eight episodes (airing twice per week).

More Moonlight Chicken in the weeks to come so…

Stay tuned!