Dirty Laundry, the second of GMMTV’s Midnight Series anthology series, is a weird and wild departure from the dark and dangerous action of Midnight Motel. It’s like a Dinsey Channel series on acid, and I mean that in the best way possible. It’s hysterical. 

Film Rachanun stars as Noen, a day-dreaming nightshift manager of a laundromat, and Nanon Korapat as Night, a murder mystery novelist who’s somehow gotten himself into trouble with some gangsters. Neon, who has a crush on Night, makes things worse when she, for some reason, thinks it’s a good idea to steal a briefcase she found in Night’s closet after breaking into his apartment. She’s not crazy; she’s just crazy in love with him. Even though they’ve only met once. But it’s okay. She’s a super-fan of his novels. Okay, she’s a nut-job, but in the most adorable sense of the word. 

After realizing that Neon is the one who stole the briefcase, Night confronts her. When she goes to get the suitcase to return it to him, she discovers it’s been stolen. Clearly furious and afraid for his life, Night demands that she assist him in finding the person who stole the briefcase from her – who again stole it from him after she broke into his apartment – because she’s in love with him (after meeting him once). 

Their first suspect is Judo, a hard-bodied frat boy who dances at a host (strip) club. Though initially, they try to use Neon’s femininity to seduce him, it becomes clear he’s only got eyes for Night, and the two end up in a locker room shower together (sadly, Nanon remains fully clothed). Judo is a thief (he locks Night in the rain to steal his wallet), but he did not steal the briefcase. Though he does point out the melodramatic duo toward their next suspect. 

So, my honest thoughts: It’s not an action-adventure or a dramatic romance. It is a perfect comedic escape after a long day of work, school, or whatever else causes stress in your life. Directed by Jojo Tichakorn, it’s fun. Period. 

I would dreamy-dimpled Nanon read the phonebook so long as he smiled. It also has an incredibly impressive cast that includes Jennie Panhan and Foei Patara as a rock-n-roll couple constantly at one another’s throats and Godji Tachakorn as a yoga-loving apartment manager. 

If you like movies like Go and Tangerine or series like Boning and Bad Buddy, I highly recommend Dirty Laundry. If anything, you have to watch it to see Pond work the stripper pole. – dude is HILLARIOUSLY sexy.

More from the Midnight Series soon so… 

Stay Tuned!

Dirty Laundry, and the rest of the Midnight Series can be streamed on GMMTV’s official YouTube.