Never Let Me Go was not a series that gripped me immediately. It wasn’t bad, and I adore the actors. It just wasn’t love at first watch. However, over the last six weeks, the series has become the only reason Tuesdays are not entirely unbearable.  

Fish Upon the Sky is one of my favorite series of all time. It was such a fun and funny adventure that it was strange to see Pond and Phuwin as anyone else after Mork and Pi (I think we just found the reason). However, these two actors are some of the finest at GMMTV, so it didn’t take long for these roles to win me over.  

Set in high school, Never Let Me Go isn’t your typical BL drama – at least not as far as GMMTV is concerned. Phuwin stars as Diao, the only son (and heir) of a wealthy and influential family. You would think this fact alone would make Diao the most popular kid in school, but it doesn’t. Instead, it’s quite the opposite. Enter Pond’s character Palm, the son of Diao’s family’s driver. Brought into the house to be Diao’s bodyguard, the employer/employee relationship quickly develops into friends and eventually into lovers. It wasn’t a quick spark to the warmth of romance, more like a flame that was painstakingly fanned over the first five episodes. But once that first kiss happened. BAM! There was no going back. But it was just in time for bad guys to attack, shooting both Diao’s mom and Palm’s dad and forcing the two teens into hiding. But in is new and beautiful world, romance is finally starting to bloom.

Between this series, The Warp Effect, and My School President, GMMTV has stepped into 2023 with some really incredible series. I cannot wait to see where this one goes. 

More Never Let Me Go and more GMMTV soon so….

Stay Tuned!