Over the past six weeks, I have made several posts about My School President, the new BL series from GMMTV. A romantic, music-driven dramedy, the series is very reminiscent of the company’s 2020 mega-hit 2gether that made instant international superstars of series stars Bright and Win. 

While the former series is set during the first year of university, My School President is set in the last year of high school. The writing is witty, emotionally engaging, and fun, while the chemistry between the series leads Gemini and Forth is off the charts! 

What makes the series stand out, though, is the music. A mix of originals and cover songs, the soundtrack to the series is probably one of the best I’ve heard – at least from any of the Thai series I’ve seen, and last night’s episode (the 5th of 12) was one of the best. It focused on the anxiety its young characters, who are about. to graduate high school, are facing. Do they follow their parent’s wishes of their own hearts? Will they still be friends after they graduate? And – some are just worried about if they will even pass their upcoming exams. 

My favorite moment of the series so far was near the very end. When, in a beautiful moment between Gun (Fourth) and his mother Gim (Lookwa Pijika), the latter tells her son how truly talented he is and how she wants him to pursue music. She doesn’t want him to get stuck doing something he hates just because the money is steady. Then the series turns from being music-inspired to a full-on musical with a beautiful cover of the song ฟัง (Listen). Lookwa’s pitch-perfect pop voice melds nicely with the rest of the cast’s young male actor’s including Ford Auran, Satang Kittiphop, and Winny Thanawin. 

Several pivotal moments happen during this number. The band (which was trying to decide if they wanted to stay together) decided to officially submit to the Hot Wave competition, Win (Winny) and Sound (Satang) share a touching moment on a different kind of stage, and when it’s all said and done, Tinn (Gemini) reveals his true feelings to Gun. 

Next week is the halfway point for the series and the teaser looks like some major plot points are going to be hit. More from My School President soon so….

Stay Tuned!