When it comes to BL dramas, it’s no secret that I am a fan of the supernatural so Choco Milk Shake is right up. my ally. A fantasy BL about a dog and a cat who cross back over the rainbow bridge to be with their owner whom they love (and who misses them very much) was a bite-sized swirl of deliciousness.

Go Ho Jung of the group Hotshot plays Jung Woo, an average young man who works at his Uncle’s cafe. He’s adorably innocent and sugary sweet but also very sad. He’s lost his parents and his pets and is just kind of living a half-life. 

That is until he’s reunited with those very pets while walking home after work one night. Lee Jae Bin is Choco, the personification of Jung Woo’s beloved dog, whom he rescued in the rain as a puppy. This is Lee’s first acting role, and he was terrific.

Yes, they knew what they were doing…

Kim Seong Hyuk is Milk, Jung Woo’s pompous but adoring feline friend, and the brains to Choco’s heart. Also, Kim’s first acting role (according to My Drama List) he’s got the movements and holier-than-thou attitude one would expect the personification of a cat to possess.

Here kitty, kitty…

Park Seung Bin rounds out the cast as Jung Woo’s Uncle, who also serves as a romantic interest for Milk. He’s sweet, and playful with Milk. The cat finds himself falling for him, despite wanting to keep himself as his most important person.

Despite this series being the first for 3/4 of the cast, they were all incredible, and the chemistry between them is phenomenal. 

The writing is engaging and smooth, and the music for the series was perfectly placed, featuring songs from Little Buffalo and V (Feat. Peakboy). It’s a very chill and enjoyable soundtrack. The series does run the gamut of emotions with lots of laughter and tears (but mostly laughter), so it was the perfect bite-sized drama to sink my teeth into over the Christmas Holiday. Directed by Ahn Ji Hee, the 11-episode series runs about 15 minutes per episode. There is also Making of and Behind-The-Scenes content to watch as well.

The ending was happy, but open ended so I hope we get to see more of these characters in the future.

More BL Review soon so..

Stay Tuned!