GMMTV’s long-awaited Midnight Series kicks off today with Midnight Motel. Staring company power-houses Off (Not MeTheory of Love), Jan (Fish Upon the Sky, The Warp Effect), Louis Thanawin (Fish Upon the SkyThe Eclipse), Mond (Not Me, P.S. I Hate You) the series has started off very promising. 

Off plays Mote, a down-on-his-luck young man who, along with his best friend Louis, is Don, a computer genius. Together they cost a cheating gambling site to lose 10 million baht (26,500+ USD). Now, the only option to spare his and Doy’s lives are that he must work for them to pay off his debt. Or they’ll kill him and claim his grandmother’s motel for their own. Jan is Kat, a young woman forced to work as a prostitute to pay off the debt left by her mother. Mond is Sun, her dark, dangerous, but still incredibly sexy pimp. 

After an altercation with a client at the Motel, Mote breaks up a fight between Sun and Kat. In thanks, Kat takes him to dinner. Quick on his feet, Mote comes up with a plan to solve all their problems. An app for sideline girls that will keep everything confidential so Sun won’t find out. Mote comes with graphs and a PowerPoint presentation that Kat cannot say no to. After convincing Day to help them, they create the app: Takkrub (Hi, there). After a few minor setbacks, the soft opening is a major success. But Sun has a sinister secret. He records the interactions between his girls and their clients, and the mafia gives Mote a pointed warning: He’s got five months to pay up, or he’s a dead man.

The six-episode series will release on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and all episodes can be streamed simultaneously through Disney+ Hotstar and the official GMMTV Youtube.

More Midnight Motel son so….

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