Well, the day has come. I put it off an extra 24 hours, but it’s here. The time has come for me to bid farewell to Sou, Aoba, Nana, Minato, Nana, and the rest of the cast of silent. It’s been an emotional eleven weeks. 

The ending was good, and we get to see all the characters on the road toward happily ever after, which is all one ever wants from a series like this. Not everything needs to be wrapped up with a pretty pink bow. I just want to know that they’re not going to be suffering once the screen goes black. 

Sou’s relationship with Aoba is one of massive ups and downs and it will continue to be so – even after the series ends. It’s something even the characters themselves admit to. But they’re together. So, at least they will be able to handle the adversity together. 

Nana. While she’s not together with Masaki, they’re friends and could very much step onto the path of romance together. 

Minato sadly does not end up with Sou, nor does he enter a relationship with Aoba’s younger brother Hikaru. However, in my head, I am planning a special BL spin-off: silent night: Sou and Minato’s Christmas Romance

At least, this is the end. (Haha, it’s not).

The series can also be pre-ordered in a special director’s cut both on Blu-ray and DVD. You can order from CD Japan. 

Okay… I’ll actually miss this.

while silent has come to an end, I promise there will be more Ren Meguro, so…

Stay Tuned!