Alright, three episodes in, and I’m going to call it: My School President is the heir apparent to the kingdom of 2gether. The story is adorable, the acting is superb, and the music is absolutely wonderful. I mean seriously, this soundtrack slays!

This episode took Tinn and Gun to an apartment, which Tinn claimed was his, but actually belong to an older sibling of Thiu (Mark Pakin), so that Gun can concentrate on the mid-term exams which Tinn is tutoring him for. There are several adorable moments where Tinn daydreams about how romantically Gun would respond to certain situations, However, Gun always responds like a clueless boy – until he doesn’t. Everything works out as Tinn and the music club all pass their exam with flying colors, which forces Principal Photjanee (Tinn’s mother) to sign off on the group competing in the Hot Wave competition. 

Tinn and Gun share a tender moment while practicing for their ballroom final.

I love the dreamy feel of this BL drama. It’s pure sugar sweet fun. I am excited to see where it goes. And again, the soundtrack SLAYS! Every! Single! Song! This weeks:

More My School President soon so….

Stay Tuned!