I thought this weeks episode was the second to last. I literally just found out that there are 11 episodes to this series, not 10, so next weeks episode is technically what we in the BL community have come to call the “cursed” episode and the trailer for the episode has left me with a chilling sense of dread for what is to come.

But that’s a problem for the future. Let’s focus on the now. Episode 9 of silent was an emotional rollercoaster, so buckle up Buttercup.

The good, slightly naughty emotions:Sou doesn’t smile at Tsumugi like he does Minato.

The warm fuzzy emotions: It was nice to see Sou interacting with his sisters and his family. I do love his relationship with his sisters. Though I did find his elder sister a bit self-centered, I do understand her concern. Moe is this weeks MVP because she always has her brother’s back.

The Swamps of Sadness emotions: When he asks his mother “Are these ears broken?” I was sobbing into my comforter with one hand while sipping from a glass of wine with the other. One of the things I have come to love about Meguro Ren (and there are a lot) is how easily is for him to pull emotion from his audience. Most of the fans I’ve talked to feel the same way. When he cries, we cry.

The awe, that’s cute! Emotion: I do love the interactions between Sou and Aoba. For not being able to comunicate vocally with one another these two have incredible chemistry.

Even if Sou’s eyes don’t glisten with Tsumugi like they do with Minato.

#MinatoSou 4 ever!

Ren sighing “Damn it Keny…..”

Just kidding. It’d totally be SouMinato.

Oh, yeah.

More silent next week so…

Stay Tuned!