Fun and fast-paced, “Boom-Pow-Wow” is a jazz-infused dance anthem that begs you to get up and “move your

The video is cool and colorful and so much fun to watch; featuring the group performing on platforms, showing of
their incredible (and incredibly sexy) dance skills and with a hint of comic book inspired creativity.
Used as the theme song for SONY’s ‘LinkBuds S’ TV campaign, the track will be included on SixTONES’ third
album KOE (“voice”) which be released on 4 January.

The album be available for purchase in three different types: Regular Edition, Limited Edition A, and Limited
Edition B. Limited Edition A comes with a DVD or Blu-ray containing the music videos for “Boom-Pow-Wow!” and
“PARTY PEOPLE” as well as “Making Of” videos, while the Limited Edition B DVD will contain videos for three
unit songs.

The physical disc will be available for purchase wherever CDs are sold. Personally, I recommend NEOKYO as
they are the only company sanctioned for official international sales by Johnny & Associates.

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