Simple yet steamy, Sexy Zone’s “Sleepless” is now on YouTube!

Dripping with sensuality, “Sleepless” conjures up images of last call; when you’re dancing with that guy (or girl) and you’re just not ready to say goodbye. So one of you follows the other home to continue the vibe. Catchy, sexy, and cool; it’s one of those songs that you put on repeat and just dance to, and the same is true for the music video! Dressed for a night out, the guys are alone in their bedrooms, singing, dancing…and waiting for you to join them! And let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to know what it would be like to spend a sleepless night with one of Japan’s hottest idol groups? 

Released on 7th September 2022 as the B side track to Sexy Zone’s 22nd single “Trust Me, Trust You,” the physical disc can be purchased wherever CDs are sold. Personally, I recommend Neokyo as they are the only company sanctioned for official international sales by Johnny & Associates. 

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