This series looks like a hilarious romp of chaotic sexuality and is giving off serious The Rules of Attraction vibes.

New Thitipoom stars as Alex, who promises his mother that he will not have sex before he gets married (or else he’ll never go to heaven). Well, things don’t go as planned and he loses his virginity after a night of drinking at a party.

Instead of just waking up in a strangers bed, he wakes up ten years in the future – as a gynecologist. Now he must rely on the help of his best friend See-Ew (Sing Harit) to figure out what happened, how it happened, and when he can get back to his past.

Gay, Straight, bisexual, this series has everything and I’m 100% here for it (honestly, I’m down for anything that shows Newie in just a pair of low-rise boxers)!

THE WARP EFFECT will premiere on 12 December.