GMMTV will always have a special place in my heart. It’s the company that introduced me to the wonderful world of BL dramas. They’re masters of story and have produced some of my favorite Thai series including Dark Blue KissBad BuddyVice Versa, and of course A Tale of Thousand Stars Hot off the stage from their 2023 Diversly You event last night, next year promises to be one of their best yet. 

Our Sky 2. An anthology series offering a glimpse into the lives of some of the network’s most successful BL couples in a sort of after-ever-after includes Pat and Bran (Bad Buddy, 2021), Phupha and Tian (A Tale of Thousand Stars, 2021), Puen and Talay (Vice Versa, 2022), Akk and Theo (Enchanté, 2022), Khabkluen and Daonuea (Star in My Mind, 2022), Akk and Ayan (The Eclipse, 2022) as well as two couples from series that have yet to air: Palm and Nuengdiao (Never Let Me Go, 2022), and Tin and Gun (My School President, 2022). 

This was the first of the new trailers I wanted and it is nothing short of spectacular! I love everything about it, from the black and white to color (very Wizard of Oz) to the music – everything about it was phenomenal and I am so excited to get another look into the lives of some of my favorite BL characters. 

Dangerous Romance. Perth Tanapon (in his first lead role with GMMTV) stars as Kanghan, a spoiled brat who hires Sailom, GMMTV staple Chimon Wachirawit, as a tutor. Set in high school, this drama looks incredibly gritty, which, after last year’s global phenomenon Not Me, has piqued my interest. For so long GMMTV ruled the genre with sugary sweet romance dramas like He’s Coming To Me, Fish Upon the Sky, and Tonhon Chonlatee, they’ve kept ahead of the curb by offering more dramas with real substance, and they do them well.

Only Friends. Like Dangerous Romance, this drama looks very gritty, but also incredibly sexy and anything that strips Neo of his shirt is okay in my book. Having seen Neo with Louis for the last few series (Fish Upon the Sky, Eclipse) I am interested to see his chemistry with Mark Pakin, who, though new to the company has done some pretty impressive stuff.

Midnight Museum. Gun Atthaphan has become one of my favorite GMMTV actors. From the tortured Punn in The Gifted to the adorkable Third in Theory of Love to his dual role as White and Black in Not Me, the man is an incredible actor. All I know about this series is that it’s supernatural – I’m not even sure if it’s a BL, but honestly, I don’t care. Also, I am SO EXCITED to see Foei Patara as some kind of red-eyed demon. This show is going to be amazing. 

Last Twilight. After their success in Vice Versa Jimmy and Sea are reuniting for a series I know is going to bring lots of tears. Sea plays Day, a rich heir who is gradually losing his sight (after an accident). Jimmy plays Mhork, a mechanic who’s crippling debt forces him to take a job as Day’s caretaker. These two have such amazing chemistry and, as I mentioned previously, I am loving the deep drama the network is providing us with. 

Cooking Crush. Another series starring Gun Atthapan this lighthearted romantic-comedy pairs him with his main-man Off Jumpol (Not Me, Theory of Love, ect) which the pair do incredibly well in together.

Hidden Agenda. A college comedy reuniting Dunk Natachai and Joong Archen (Star in My Mind) Dunk stars as Zo, who has a crush on a girl who happens to be the ex girlfriend of Joke (Joong). Zo recruits Joke to help him woo her, but along the way, it looks like the two fall for one another.

A Boss and a Babe. Force and Book have great chemistry and I love watching them work off one another. With BL themed office romances growing in popularity, it’s another one I am excited to watch.

23.5. The network’s first official GL this drama reunites Milk and Love (who captured our hearts as Ink and Pa in Bad Buddy) and it looks amazing!

Cherry Magic. This Thai adaptation of an incredibly popular series from Japan will also serves as the comeback series for Tay and New. I absolutely love the Japanese series, it’s one of my top favorites and Tay and New are two of my favorite actors. To say I am excited would be an understatement. A teaser was not released at the event, but they did talk about the series on stage.

Again, GMTV does (and always will) have a special place in my heart. The network basically birthed the modern BL drama and there’s something magical about the series they produce.

More from GMMTV and expect reviews for all of these series as they are released so…

Stay Tuned!