Since I started on my silent journey, there are three things of which I am absolutely certain: 1.) Sou still loves Tsumugi and Tsumugi still loves Sou (regardless of whether or not either one of them is willing to admit it or not. 2.) Minto is willing to sacrifice his own happiness so the two people he loves most in the world can be happy. 3.) Sou’s sister Moe (Hiyori Sakurada) is hysterical.

This week’s episode found Minao and Sou not only reconciling but falling quickly back into a very best bro-friends type of relationship, which has sent the internet into a frenzy, making SouMinato the ghost-ship of the season.

Also, just when I didn’t think he could get any more attractive, Ren Meguro had to go and play football (one of the few sports I don’t find as boring as watching grass grow).

There is a scene between Minato and Sou where the former tells the latter to take care of Tsumugi for him because, as Minato confirms, she looks the cutest when she’s with Sou – and he really does want everything to go back to how it was. (side note: This scene once again proves why Minato is the MVP of this series). 

Another Meme playing football post.

silent can be watched via the viki app. Episode 5 will air next week. Here is the trailer.

There will be more silent related posts. Stay tuned.