Today is an exciting day for any and all Traja-tan. Today is the day ten years of blood, sweat, and tears (so many tears) have culminated in the ultimate realization of the dream of seven of the coolest guys I’ve ever met. Today Travis Japan has officially released their debut single “JUST DANCE!

Over the past seven months, Travis Japan has become a part of my everyday life. While following their Hollywood journey through the World of Dance competition, the Rising Japan Music Festival and their stint on America’s Got Talent, I’ve gotten to know the seven members of this hardworking group as incredibly sweet, genuinely humble, and unreservedly driven young men. So I can’t help but get a little emotional by the fact that this moment is finally here. 

Without a doubt “JUST DANCE!” embodies the personality of the group. A very synth-pop sound with a twinge of disco-driven guitar. It’s a call back to the bubble gum era (in the best way possible) when the sole purpose of pop music was to make you feel good – which JUST DANCE! does.  The single includes the original version as well as two remixes (

 “The title “JUST DANCE!” means dancing.” Genta, who goes by “G,” smiles wide. “Just dancing, just having fun, so I hope that you will enjoy it, feel the good vibes, and enjoy it as much as we do.”

Gente “G”

While G was not speaking to me directly, I can say with all honesty, that I do. It’s a great song! 

“For me, the most memorable part of the single was shooting the music video.” Chaka, the group’s fearless leader, is bright and energetic. “We shot the video in various locations throughout Venice Beach in Los Angeles, CA. Venice Beach is a popular tourist attraction, which we’ve visited numerous times during our stay in Hollywood without ever even imagining it would be the site of our debut story!” He continues, getting more excited. “The video itself has a lot of fun scenes where we are dancing, playing around with the camera, and just being ourselves set to the music of JUST DANCE! There’s even a part where we’re dancing on stage constructed on a skate park. Not even we have seen the finished version yet, but I’m looking forward to sharing it with everyone who has been just as eagerly awaiting this moment as we have.”


“The lyrics are really good, especially the chorus. I think the underlying message of “no matter where you’re from, who you are, or what you want to do, just dance together” is a perfect way to describe Travis Japan,” Noel sings. “I hope many people will listen to it, enjoy the feeling of dancing and singing together, read the lyrics a lot as much as they can as to remember, and project those feelings into their lives.”


Since its formation in 2012, Travis Japan has been a group that has forged their own path under the umbrella of Johnny & Associates. They’ve defied odds and naysayers to become something truly unique and the first group in the company’s 60-year history to have a worldwide digital debut. Again, THEY are THE FIRST!. 

Travis Japan: from left: Machu, Shizu, Shime, Chaka, Umi, Noel, G

Seeing all the love from fans, and the excitement that’s being shared from all over the world, is, again, an emotional thing.

It’s a beautiful thing to see people succeed, especially when they deserve it – and Travis Japan deserves it. 

Congrats guys! I am so incredibly proud of you! 

You can order JUST DANCE! by clicking here

JUST DANCE! Single cover

There will be more Travis Japan soon, stay tuned!

Countdown to the Official Music Video Release