Another busy week in the world of the BL dramas. So, I won’t bore you with much else and just get right into the review.

OH! MY SUNSHINE NIGHT – The Snow White Music Video Episode – AIS PLAY Subscription

Well, Master Kim took time off from morning the loss of his entire family to ride a horse he’d never seen before in what is probably the strangest placement for a music video montage in any series I have ever seen EVER. Also, the bad guys are searching the wood for three months and never stumble upon the massive mansion serving as Rain and Kim’s hideout. Their incompetence gives off serious Murky, and Lurky vibes. 

ONCE AGAIN – Episodes 7 – 8 – VIKI

I knew the ending would be tragic, and there was no way it couldn’t be. However, this bite-sized South Korean drama was beautiful. Ji Hoo’s words of wisdom and love to Jae Woo at the end were stunning. I loved this story, and it is well worth watching. 

LOVE IN THE AIR – Episode 8 – iQIYI

We entered the arc of Prapai (Fort Thitipong) and Sky (Peat Wasuthorn) with a scorching sex scene, but after that, the series lost a little steam. Not enough to make me stop watching, but there was too much cut from episodes we’ve already seen. I do like the dynamic between Sky and Prapai – a lot, and I think it’s different enough from Rain and Phayu that it will be interesting. The sky is so innocent but a little stuck up, while Prapai’s confidence is bordering on cocky, and I LOVE that sky constantly cuts him down to size. 


The recently reconciled couple is trying to grapple with the fact that Takara’s friend Tanaka (Komiya Rio), the school prankster, has discovered their secret. Amagi is, as Amagi is, super dramatic about it. The entire episode takes place during the school day, and while Tanaka isn’t quite the jerk-face he appeared to be, there’s still enough tension to keep you hooked. I do want to take a moment to appreciate the comedic brilliance of Suzuki Kosuke as Amagi’s bestie Katori. He’s charming, adorable, and so funny. Also, hello feature dreamboat!


AI LONG NHAI – Episodes 1 – 2 – iQIYI

A spin-off of the 2020 GMMTV series Tonhon Chonlatee this series tells the origin story of the former’s side-coupe: Ai (Meen Nichakoon) and Nhai (Ping Krittanun). Initially played by GMMTV’s TopTap and Mike, respectfully, this series has no connection to the original other than the characters in name only. Even Their roles have seemed to switch. As a super-fan of Mike and Khaotung Thanawat, who played Chonlatee in the GMMTV version, I was not sure how I would feel about this series. While I’m still on the fence, I like it enough to keep watching. 

Country: Thailand

Episodes: 12

Air dates: Sep 26, 2022 – ONGOING

Airs On: Monday

Original NetworkChannel 3iQiyi (international)

Duration: 44 min.

BIG DRAGON: THE SERIES – Episodes 1 – 2 – iQIYI

YAI (ISBANKY) is a spoiled, selfish, entitled little brat who decides to drug and date-rape Mangkorn (Mos Panuwat) on camera because the former dares to have a crush on a girl he likes. While Sexual assault is NEVER the answer EVER, Yai kind of gets his comeuppance when his bodyguards Phong (J Rathasat) and Phak (Fong Bovorn) goof up and drug both drinks. So while they’re both impaired, the sex is at least (maybe) consensual. Mangkorn makes it clear, after the fact, that he REALLY enjoyed their night together. He enjoyed it so much that he stole the sex tape as a souvenir – which sends Yai into a total rich-boy meltdown – seriously, this guy is a pig.  

Apparently, in the original novel, written by Aiden N Vivienne. There’s male pregnancy and an entire Alpha / Omega / Beta relationships. Still new to the genre, I literally just became aware of the term Omegaverse while writing this review. According to Wikipedia, this premise is that a dominance hierarchy exists in humans, which are divided into dominant “alphas,” neutral “betas,” and submissive “omegas.”[1] This hierarchy determines how people interact with one another in romantic, erotic, and sexual contexts.

I have no idea how this will play out in the series, but honestly, the more ridiculous this becomes, the better it will probably be. While I LOVE the straightforward Drama of KinnPorsche, I am ready for something campy and outrageous. 

Country: Thailand

Episodes: 8

Air dates: Oct 8, 2022 – Nov 26, 2022

Aired On: Saturday

Original NetworkGMM One, iQIYI, and GagaOOLala for international audiences.

Duration: 49 min.

Content Rating: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity)