You can tell a lot about a man by his smile and Snow Man’s Sakuma has one of the the biggest and more infectious smiles I’ve ever seen.

Born on the 5th of July 1992 it is fitting that he was born under the sign of the monkey. He’s a bright ball of energy, in a compact (and incredibly ripped) package.

Joining Jonnys in 2005 he was one of the original members of Snow Man (along with Iwamoto, Miyadate, Watanabe, Abe, and Fukazawa). He was also a part of Mis Snow Man, which was the precursor group to the present-day Snow Man. He was signed to Johnnys after his mother, Naomi Sakurai, a member of the idol group Can Can, submitted his CV. 

An incredible acrobat, he’s absolutely amazing to watch when the group performs. He’s even made his own ”Acrobatic Wotagei” move.

Sakuma is also known as the biggest anime lover at Johnny’s and made his debut as a voice actor in the anime Black Clover as Makusa North. The group’s Song “Stories” is the 11th opening theme for the series while their song “Grandeur” is the 13th.  He also voiced the main character in the Japanese dub of the anime film White Snake, for which Snow Man provided the song  “縁 -YUÁN” as the main theme. 

When I heard that each member of Snow Man was contributing a song to their Sophomore album Snow Labo S2 I couldn’t wait to hear what Sakuma came up with. “キッタキッテナイ(Kitta Kittenai)” is so incredibly catchy and has been stuck in my head since the moment I first saw the Rec. version of the music video. It’s one of my favorite songs on the album. 

Personally what I love about Sakuma, in addition to that smile is his bright and boundless energy. He just looks like he’s someone that’s a lot of fun to be around. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Sakuma appreciation post. There will be more Snow Man for sure, so… stay tuned!