Hello BL Lovers!

This week’s Retro BL Review is a series that’s incredibly special to me. Kieta Hatsukoi (My Love Mix-Up).

Not only did this series introduce me to Snow Man and Naniwa Danshi, but also Johnny & Associates as a company. So many opportunities have stemmed from the fact that I watched this slightly silly series about good-natured high school students that honestly, that I will be my absolute favorite.

Meguro Ren as Aida and Michieda Shunsuke as Aoki

Ren Meguro Stars as Aida, a handsome but aloof athlete who, after an honest mistake, becomes the object of affection for his classmate Aoki, played by Naniwa Danshi’s Michieda Shunsuke.

Images of Meguro and Michieda promoting the series

Aoki has a crush on Hashimoto (Fukumoto Riko), a girl in his class, whom he believes has a crush on Aida after discovering her erases has ❤ Aida written on it. Aida sees the eraser and believes it is Aoki who has written the love charm. To protect Hashimoto’s secret, Aoki says the eraser is in fact his.

Throughout the series 10 episodes, we watch Aoki’s feelings for Aida develop, shaping into something very real. What’s more, Aida realizes he has similar feelings for Aoki. Though their journey is a topsy-turvy one, it’s also incredibly sweet. Though there are similar tropes of misunderstands and a lack of communication that can be found in almost any other BL series, the series also touches on homophobia and real issues that real high school students still face in today’s world.

Incredibly tame when compared to most BL series (Aoki and Ida don’t even kiss) it’s still 100% worth the watch. While a DVD / Blu-ray box set has been released, the series can be streamed on Viki.

Now, should this or some other BL Series that I have (or will) mention be Geo-locked there legal are ways you can watch the series. One of them is by using a VPN service. You can read about VPNs and decide which is best for you here.

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