Alright Snow people, we’re in the home stretch! We’ve got one week until Snow Labo S2 drops! Have you pre-ordered yet? I got mine through CD Japan, which includes some pretty sweet first-press extras!

Today I am featuring the debut single for the new album JUICY!

As Miyadate Ryota’s contribution to the album, this disco-driven dance track is just so damn good!

The music video, which premiered the day after a mysterious trailer (where every member of the group but Raul was DEAD) is bright, colorful, and cinematic – which fits Miyadate‘a theatrical personality.

The video garnered over 2 million views in under 6 hours and today has amassed more than 23 million and with Iwamoto contributing the footwork, it had tik-tok craze written all over it.

This song is so fun and catchy! I just can’t stop listening to it!

We’re almost there! Snow Labo S2 drops on 21 September! Stay tuned!