Hello BL lovers! To day I want to talk to you about one of my Al time favorite series MANNER OF DEATH!

Growing up my mother and grandmother loved medical dramas. Series like Quincey and Diagnosis: Murder were staples in my household, and, by proxy, I became a fan. So, when I discovered this medical murder mystery, I was ecstatic!

Manner of Death promo: Max Nattapol and Tul Pakorn

Produced by TV Thunder, the series stars Tul Pakorn as Dr. Bun, a medical examiner and Max Nattapol as Tan a teacher, both of whom lose their friend Jane (Meiko Chonnikan) and work together to discover the truth about her death, which was originally classified as a suicide (shocker, it wasn’t – it was murder). Based on the novel of the same name by Sammon, the 14-episode series originally aired on WeTv in 2020 – but Pakora and Nattapol reprised their respected characters for cameos in the 2022 series Triage (also produced by TvThunder the series aired on AIS PLAY – which had a limited viewing schedule for international audiences).

Dr. Bun and teacher Tan

In addition to MaxTul the series has a super impressive cast. GMMTV Funny man Foei Patara is Tan’s older brother and Bun’s best friend (who was also Jane’s boyfriend) – he’s also a major suspect in Jane’s murder. Great Sapol is the incredibly sexy Inspector M, who walks the line of good and evil with steamy perfection. This series also includes one of the most adorable side-couples in BL history: Putter Dechphisit and Bhu Bhudis as Sorn and That. These two high school students end up assisting Bun and Tan in their investigation.

Cast poster

From a production standpoint, the series is really well-written and produced with so many moving parts within the story that even when you think you know who the true killer is – you’re wrong. Luckily I discovered the series after its initial release so I was able to binge-watch on the WeTv app. I don’t think I could’ve handled waiting any amount of time between episodes.

This series has everything. Mystery, murder, romance, and more beautiful guys than you can shake a stick at! The writing and acting is superb, I love shows that leave you going “I can do one more,” and “just one more is fine,” and finally “Who needs sleep?!? I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!”

Seriously this show is that good!

While a DVD set of the series is not available in Thailand, there is a blu-ray set available in Japan. With a price tag of over $130 (before shipping), it’s not something you need to own (unless you’re a freak like me) when it’s available for free with a subscription to WeTv.