Nat Sakdatorn is arguably one of the most famous men in Thailand. He’s also one of the most beautiful men in the world. 

Nat Sakdatorn

Born 23 January 1983, Nat first entered the entertainment industry when he was a contestant, and eventual winner of the 4th season of the reality talent show True Visions’ Academy Fantasia. 

He released his first single รักได้อีก (I Can Love You More) on 25 March 2008 and his debut album All You Need Is Love exactly one month later. 

He made his television acting debut on 22 November 2008 in คลื่นฝัน วันรัก (Wave of Love) where he started as a teenager who dreams of becoming a popular radio DJ. 

Since then, Sakdatorn has appeared in numerous dramas and theatrical productions but it was his 2016 film Fathers that introduced me to this multi-talented man. 

Fathers promotional poster

Sakdatorn stars as Yuke, who is raising a son Buttr (played by the adorable
Him Raiwin Sirisatiensakul) with his handsome husband Phoon (Utt Uttsada Panichkul). The production company has put the entire film up (for free) on YouTube.

Fathers, the full film

In one of his most recent television roles as Ball in GMMTV’s Mama GoGo, Sakdatorn portrays a dancer in charge of teaching a group of rag-tag hotties how to become successful male dancers.  The series features Joss Way-Ar, Earth Pirapat, Drake Laedeke, and one of my favorite Thai funny-men Mike Chinnarat. It’s not the best series I’ve seen from GMMTV but it’s incredibly fun and every bit worth the watch, if only it’s just to watch Nat Dance. 

Nat dances on Mama GoGo