Imagine, if you will….

Japan’s hottest group, Snow Man, walking into the lobby of a posh hotel, serving up seventies sex idol realness – testosterone dripping off their perfect physiques like sweat on an ice-cold glass of juice on a sweltering summer’s day. 

Meguro and Iwamoto melting our hearts with their smolders.

Patrons in the hotel bar drink and dine, enjoying the splendors of their mundane existences when these titans of entertainment walk in.  Cool, sexy, and mysterious, nobody knows how they got there or why they’ve come to this place. But, being who they are, of course, they’re going to entertain you. It’s in their blood. 

the JUICY video cover

As the disco beat of their newest single “JUICY” drops, the crowd starts to move. They’re a hodgepodge of people of different races, ages – every single one of them hypnotized by the undeniable sex appeal of these insanely talented men, who just want to know one thing – “What’s your flavor?”

Fukazawa and his kissable lips.

A surprise release, the single dropped twenty-four hours after a mysterious teaser that played out like the trailer to a 70s mystery flick. 

Set in the same hotel as the music video, the teaser ended with Raul, Snow Man’s youngest member, walking into the room (from whereabouts unknown – a secret rendezvous perhaps?) to find all eight of his group mates lifeless at the dinner table – that blood that they were born to entertain you with splattered on the wall over a message we can’t quite read.  

Raul discovers his group mates are… dead!?!

Dark, twisted, and confusing, fans are clamoring over one another all asking the question “WHAT. THE. HELL?!?” 

While we may not know what, something big must coming as the same teaser promises that “You will be witness to history, in the promised place.”

August 8th marks the third anniversary of the group’s debut announcement. Perhaps we will know something then? 

Stay tuned….